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Westchester Bootcamp Testimonials

"Becoming part of Carla's Westchester Adventure Boot Camp "family" has changed my life. As someone who never exercised or considered myself athletic, with Carla's guidance, my perspective has completely done a 180. Every class is a challenge, but in the best possible way. Carla is amazing. She pushes you farther than you thought was physically possible, encourages you to keep going when you're ready to give up, and celebrates you when you succeed. The fact that she has so many women who keep coming back year after year is another testament to how amazing Carla and her program are."
Beth C

Westchester Boot Camp

Hello Carla,

My husband and I were happy to visit your Thanksgiving Fundraiser even for the brief time that we stayed. (If we didn't have another place to be by 8:30, both of us would have been on the floor in a few minutes anyway!!!)

In my humble opinion, the crowd who attended was a beautiful and well-deserved reflection of how so many, many people enjoy being around you and feel that you make a huge contribution to their health and welfare.

Thank you for dedicating the class to collecting food for the Pantry. That's so classy of you. It no longer surprises me to see how dedicated to making a difference you truly are.

"Carla is incredibly creative and talented. She knows so much about how the body works that her workouts prove greater results than just going to the gym. She's supportive, encouraging and feisty! At 5:30 in the morning her energy is contagious!"
Melani S

"Carla is not just an incredible, inspiring and empowering Boot Camp Instructor. Her managerial and organizational skills as a leader are excellent! She's a leader without being bossy, Carla has a good heart and listens to her teachers and students and will move mountains to help you have the best most positive experience whether it's in your boot camp work out or as a member of her team. You will be fortunate to have Carla as a member of your organization, and be very impressed by her ability to grow your business, attract new clients and keep them coming back for more!"
Laura P

"I have known Carla for many years and can honestly say that when it comes to fitness, her knowledge and expertise surpasses any trainer I have met. I knew her bootcamp would be successful because she knows, she cares, and it shows! Her goal is to empower you with fitness goals and the tools to achieve them."
Patti F

"I highly recommend Carla's Westchester Adventure Boot Camp! Carla is passionate about physical and mental well-being and it shows in every class. Is she tough? You bet. Does she push you? Of course. Does she have your back 100%? Definitely! Do you get results? Undoubtedly! And she's a great gal to boot! Come join the fun with a great group of women!"
Robin B

I LOVE Carla and WABC! Every day is a new day with her workouts! Her workouts target different muscle groups each and every day...The more you go, the stronger you get and that equals great results! Carla is a creative and challenging leader, a great mentor, motivator and trainer. I look forward to class with her and all of my fellow boot campers every day!
Lisa W

Awesome work out all of the time! Carla is motivating, knowledgeable and always knows just how much we can handle. Great mix of workouts and great mix of ladies to work out with!
Christine S

I have been going to WABC for almost four years and love it! It's the first exercise program I've stuck with in my life. Carla is an incredible trainer, motivator, and is my inspiration. I started doing duathlons last year and have placed in every one thanks to her confidence in me and for seeing in me the potential I sometimes don't see in myself. She's great at what she does and is the best thing to happen to me.
Christine S

Carla's class is the BEST! Once you start you just can't stop. Her workout's are great, always something new and different!
Anna A

It's fun, it's challenging and IT WORKS! I feel the best I have felt in years!
Janet B

Signing up for WABC was the best decision I ever made for myself. Every class is a challenge, but in the best possible way. Carla is amazing. She pushes you farther than you thought was physically possible, encourages you to keep going when you're ready to give up, and celebrates you when you succeed. The fact that she has so many women who keep coming back year after year is another testament to how amazing Carla and her program are.

Although it's a challenge, isn't that the point? I feel so fit and in the best shape in years! I get stronger every day and love seeing results! It never gets boreing (that's why I can't do a gym) and Carla as well as all the women are so motivating. I have already signed up for my second session and see myself continuing this all year!

Best boot camp ever! Constantly varied workouts that are always super challenging. Awesome coach. and awesome group of women to work out with.
Jane B

Carla is the best! Phenomenal work outs! Phenomenal results!
Toni K

Never boring, and always a GREAT workout! After only a few months I feel like I have my real body back. Carla's expertise is demonstrated by the way she structures the exercise classes, the feedback she gives to us about posture and technique, and her wonderful sense about just how much to push us.
Adrienne F

I love this class! Carla is great and really makes the class accessible for all levels. I was surprised how quickly I saw results. I would highly recommend this class!

Carla is a professional! She puts her heart and soul into making the workouts comprehensive, useful and a bit of fun too! She varies the routines each day, keeps our interest while we do challenging exercises and makes sure that we use good form so as not to strain anything. In addition to providing her classes, Carla composes regular newsletters that educate us on controversial health issues, exercise hints and healthy life philosophies. She's a really dedicated Pro!! I hope you take this opportunity to join her classes and that the Yorktown-Somers Patch takes this chance to recognize the WABC as the high-quality business it is!

WABC totally transformed my body in weeks. A great place to get fit and some fun to "boot"!

Best workout! Carla is inspiring and motivating!
Christine M

Dear Carla,

We never explicitly talked about it, but losing weight was definitely part of why I joined boot camp. I used to be that annoying girl who was always skinny and never had to exercise or watch what she ate. But time and age caught up with me. I recognize I was more fortunate than others and didn't have THAT much to lose. But it was enough that my clothes didn't fit right and I was getting uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror. Once I got past 130, I didn't really want to know what the number was.

This morning I got on the scale and it was 120.0! And the first thing I thought of was to say thank you! Even though I haven't followed your diet recos exactly (there's no way I can give up my morning coffee with milk and sugar!!!), I've become more mindful of what and how much I'm eating. And I'm actually bummed on days I can't make it to class, because I feel like I'm missing out on something. I feel better when I get dressed in the morning. I'm convinced my 40 year old body looks and feels better than my 20 year old body did. I couldn't have achieved that without your help.

So thank you again for your great program and for being a great instructor. I look forward to continuing to work with you and the other ladies in the 5:30 class!

All the best,

Hey Carla!

Your boot camp is bar-none amazing! I've seen more results in my first three months with you then I've seen in 2 years at the gym. Everyone is so welcoming and made me feel at home. Thanks for making such a positive difference in my life!
Kathy A.

I was overweight and out of shape.  I joined boot camp a year ago – and it has totally transformed my body and life!  By eating less and working out , I have lost 50 pounds and can wear my thin clothes again!  I may not yet be as fit as I was in high school and college, but I’m getting closer to that goal.  The first day is not the hardest – it’s getting up and coming the second day and them making a commitment to attend every day.  You’re beat up after the workout, but for the rest of the day, you’re feeling great.  The workout is different each day and you get stronger and fitter.  It’s not easy, buy easy doesn’t get you in shape.  People will notice the difference.  The best thing about Carla is that she remembers you and gets to know you.  Everyone is at a different level, and she pushes you to do your best every day – every exercise.
Sally C

After 13 years (and 2 children) of trying to lose weight, I thankfully found Carla’s Westchester Adventure Boot Camp; her program of exercise and nutrition turned it all around for me.  I’ve always had a difficult time maintaining an exercise program in the past but with Carla I’ve not only taken off 35 pounds of fat, I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6!   I am half my size, and I've put on 10 pounds of muscle!!  I have more energy, feel better and look better than I have in a decade. 
Kathy Iervolino 

Westchester Boot Camp is an exceptional way to get yourself motivated to do the exercising that you've been putting off longer than you'd like to think. You know that you are expected to attend~~for some of us, that's what it takes to get jump started to a healthier lifestyle. Once you're in the program, you quickly realize that Carla motivates with a firm, but kind and caring manner that makes you look forward to the next day's workout.

Along with her constant nutritional reminders, she takes the time to get to know how to motivate each student as an individual. Carla recognizes and acknowledges each and every accomplishment/goal of each student no matter how big or small while quietly pushing you to reach your own personal potential. She truly cares about her students and is as excited at their success as they are. You leave each day feeling great about yourself and what you've accomplished. What a great way to start the day! Westchester Boot Camp will help you to attain whatever goals you have set for yourself~~you can't help but succeed.
Kenna D

When I decided to join Westchester Adventure Boot Camp, I was not sure what to expect! Being someone who has exercised my whole life, I was looking for something different! That is exactly what I got at Boot Camp! Everyday is something new exciting and challenging! I have never pushed myself this hard! I feel great and can't wait to get to class every morning!!

Carla is the best instructor I have ever worked with! She is the right combination of guidance and support as she challenges you to be the best you can be!

What are you waiting for?? Sign-up now and change your life!!

Thanks, Carla! I can't wait until the next session!
Carla Foto

After a year of doing Boot Camp with Carla, I feel like a new person. I'm slimmer, trimmer, leaner and stronger. I have so much more stamina and endurance than when I started. I am happier and less stressed. Truthfully, I began to see all of these changes right from the start. Why? Because Carla teaches and motivates with just the right combination of knowledge, energy, passion, toughness and fun. This program can work for anyone. Whether you are in shape and want to get better for bikini season or whether you are out of shape and need a jump start to change your life, she'll make it work for you. It's like having your own personal trainer, but alot more fun. The bang for the buck is unbelievable! You'll come and you'll love it. Don't think twice, sign up. I started last March and haven't been able to kick the habit since!
Carla M. Stella

I've been active my entire life, beginning in grade school with track and continuing on through college. Even as an adult I never let my career or family detract from my fitness goals. I have always understood how important being physically fit is to my wellbeing. But truth be told, I was bored. Tired of the gym, tired of the same weight routines and stuck at a weight I didn't want to be stuck at. Then a friend told me about Westchester Boot Camp and it sounded like it could be a lot of fun. Exercising outdoors, something new and different everyday and the social aspect of working out with other women.

So I signed up, not quite sure what I could accomplish in a month. Well, was I in for a surprise! I busted through my weight plateau, which means my clothes fit better, my upper body looks leaner than it has in years (did I mention a flatter tummy and firmer backside?) and I can run a mile nearly a minute faster than when I started 15 days ago. The intangibles are too numerous to count but the best must be that I feel ready to tackle the day when my workout is through. I was initially worried that someone like me, who has, for the most part, stayed physically fit, might not benefit from boot camp. Another pleasant surprise. The camp was as effective for exercise enthusiasts as it was for those lacing up tennis shoes for the first time in

You will get out of camp what you put in. If you work hard, you will be pleased, maybe even surprised like I was, at how much your body can change in a month. So what do you have to lose, except maybe a few
extra pounds?
Thanks Westchester Boot Camp
Rene Syler

The boot camp program was the most rewarding fitness experience of my life! It was challenging, motivating, invigorating and fun! I've been "excercising" for about 20 years. But Boot Camp has changed the way I work out my body...forever! At 38 years old my body is finally changing into what I always knew it could be! And only with the Boot Camp Program have I been able to see these great changes...I lost my muffin top!!

Carla is incredible! She is such a great person and an excellent trainer. You couldn't ask for a more motivating expert (at 5:30 am) who is so knowledgeable and fun. She'll push you beyond your comfort zone so that you will achieve the results that you truly desire to achieve but will have never reached by staying in the safety of that comfort zone. I highly recommend Westchester Boot Camp to everyone at any fitness level. If you can do this...you can do anything!
I love Boot Camp...Thank you Carla!

Hi Carla,

I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback. I am so happy that I decided to sign up for bootcamp- it is awesome- I knew if you were running it- it would be. I can't believe that I actually wake up at 5:00am- but it is not as bad as I thought it would be and I LOVE that I got an awesome workout and I am done at 6:30am!

Thanks for motivating me every morning and pushing my body to new limits (I don't know if it is possible to see change this quick- but I have already had some people comment on my arms and legs...I definitely feel different).

Anyway- I am so happy that I signed up and I wanted to thank you for this positive and unique experience.

See you tomorrow...maybe tonight at spinning.

Hey Carla,

It's challanging, it's motivating, it's fun, and it's most definately the ONLY thing that would get me out of the house at 5:00 a.m.! Thank YOU for making this a GREAT experience!


Thanks for the inspiration and the opportunity to do this! Without you we wouldn't be up at the crazy hour sweating and feeling good! No matter how much I groan I am really enjoying it.

I really loved the day when we did a lot of weights / mat work. Abs and upper body!!! I even liked the lunges - I can still feel them and I know they'll make my legs look better.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for your caring and support.

Egad! Do I feel lithe. I am not sure what lithe is, but I think Ginger Rogers did “lithe” in all those Fred Astaire movies. D.I. Braca is wonderful. No pains, no sprains, just the pronounced flexibility that Seabiscuit exhibited in the Derby . And the euphoria one feels when you commune with every body part that you never knew existed except when viewed on a mad scientist anatomy chart in a British horror movie. If you want to get in shape, call Carla. If you’re committed to being a slug, keep your indolent finger off the effin’ phone.

Carla rules! She’s wonderful.
Andrea C. D.

Early morning Boot Camp with Carla Braca afforded me the opportunity to get my day off to an invigorating start. The mix of fun and challenge was perfect to get me motivated. After four weeks, I have more stamina and I feel firmer all over. Carla is a wonderful instructor. She is knowledgeable, energized to the max and in great shape. A great example for all of us. I loved it so much, I signed up for a second session!
Carla M. S.

Hi Fellow BootCampers!

Just a quick word to all of the folks who participated in the "camp" and to our friends who may in the future.....
My husband, Chris and I are amazed at the fast results I achieved in terms of strength, endurance and flexibility, in such a short time through this camp.

I truly believed my timed mile would forever remain in "double digits" and my push-ups in "singles"...but at 50...I honestly feel 15 years younger!

Carla has trained me in the past and for that had earned my trust, gratitude and unconditional recommendation. But, her "bootcamp" has produced some outstanding and very noticeable results in me and virtually everyone who really applied themselves each morning. This is much more than a testimonial....it's a "big-fat-thank-you" to a woman, whose commitment, dedication & leadership are both instructive and motivating!

Here's to Carla...a great friend and a super Master Trainer!
With Deep Appreciation,
Debby L.

Bootcamp is over – I can sleep late, but I don’t. I get up and I run a mile, do thirty squats, thirty lunges, 100 situps, and two sets of twenty push ups and arrive back home at 6:10 am. Next session is five days away and I cannot wait!
Jan C.

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